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Welcome to Novicom

Digital Signage

We provide innovative ways of communication

What we do

A few important headlines about Novicom


Our area of expertise is digital signage and we have developed our own user-friendly software as well as designed state of the art screens designated to our customers for use on walls, as stand-alone or in elevators.

Our products can be divided into the following areas:

  • Recessed mounted architectural design monitors (NoviWall).
  • Surface mounted architectural design monitors (NoviFlat).
  • Architectural design kiosks with and without touch (NoviStand).
  • Standard monitors from leading brands.
  • Novicom Software.

Key Benefits

The key to our success lies in an uncompromising focus on design, high quality, flexibility and the ability to think differently and to provide outstanding customer service.

In addition we focus on constant product development as well as providing a user-friendly software platform enabling our customers to experience a number of benefits:

  • Always up-to-date availability and meeting room information.
  • Improves space/room availability and utilization.
  • Easy wayfinding.
  • Easy access to information.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Combine data from different sources.
  • Automated data transfer from source systems.
  • Administration able to focus on more productive tasks.

One Solution

At Novicom we want our customers to have a great experience and to help their business grow when using our solutions.

We can assist with everything from the project phase and implementation to hosting.

Another focus area is our after-sale service with web training of the customers’ new employees, providing a skilled hotline service as well as regular updates of the software to ensure that we continue to be among the leading suppliers within our business. 

Wayfinding, Promotion And Branding

Novicom designs digital signage solutions for virtually any purpose and industries worldwide. We help you to promote your messages – and your guests to find their way.

Our digital sign solution(s) can include everything from a single screen to several hundred. From a small info screen on the wall outside the meeting room and an interactive Wayfinder in the mall to giant outdoor screens for the sports arena. No solution is too small – or too large.

The design you choose yourself. Our solutions are based on a simple and clean Scandinavian design that can easily be customized in shape, color and graphics to match your design requirements.

An array of services

Our services cater to a wide range of customers, from educational institutions, the hospitality industry, corporate companies as well as governmental and other public institutes.

Why Work With Us ?

Novicom is a leading global provider of dynamic signage solutions used in 40+ countries and continually expanding since 1995.

First class support

To keep the Systems running we offer software maintenance and hotline contracts to all our customers


We offer a full suite of hosting services for your digital signage solution.

Cloud access

Whether you use our cloud based solution or host it yourself, it works in a similar fashion.

Project Management

We can deliver project management as part of our service to provide a smooth implementation.

Custom Solutions

For solutions that go beyond what we deliver as standard, we are happy to customise it for you.

Client Testimonials