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Gummifabriken - Plan 2Our area of expertise is digital signage solutions for modern companies and organizations within the education system, the hospitality industry, corporate world as well as the governmental system. We develop and deliver a user-friendly software platform, state of the art screens as well as a flexible and reliable communication system with instant easy automated updates improving the way our customers work.

Novicom provides digital signage solutions in various designs and sizes for all purposes. We can supply the complete turnkey solution with software, hardware and consulting – or you can do with our software, if you have already invested in hardware. The choice is yours.

Own development and production

At Novicom we place great emphasis on usability, quality and good service. All our products (software and hardware) are developed and produced at our own factory in Denmark. This philosophy gives us (and our customers) a number of advantages such as high quality products, better and faster customized solutions and top-quality “pre and after sale service”.

Therefore, you can always expect a final result of the highest quality – and a good customer experience when you work with us.

Easy integration with other IT-systems

Our software and screens are easy to install/use and can be integrated with the information and scheduling data from other IT-systems.

Our products can be used for many different purposes and among our solutions you will find:

  • Overview screens with Wayfinding capabilities
  • Advertisement/information screens (in- and outdoor)
  • Information screens with a combination of content from different sources
  • Screens for elevators
  • Meeting room screens

Our products can be divided into the following categories:

  • Recessed mounted architectural design monitors (NoviWall).
  • Surface mounted architectural design monitors (NoviFlat).
  • Architectural design kiosks with and without touch (NoviStand).
  • Standard monitors from leading brands.
  • Novicom Software.
  • Novicom Solution for customers with existing monitors (added).

The Novicom dynamic signage solutions are modular and can be implemented as a single digital display and up to several hundred.